Saturday, 1 August 2015

Old fashion pieces

 skirt - Zara / shoes - G-star raw / handbag - Givenchy / hat - Hats by BSR / sunglasses - Spitfire 

Old fashion jeans skirt?! One of my favorite pieces in my closet. I am also obsessed with all tops and dresses that shows out shoulders. Remind me on all of mom's photos that she showed me, when I was little. This old pieces all from retro to boho are just stunning. I love to wear pieces, that reminded me and my moment on moments when she was young. I should said that, because she still thinks that she is young, so let just say younger. No hard feeling.. Better that way!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

What have you done

shoes - Zara / jeans - H&M / top - Asos / sweater - Promod / sunglasses - Spitfire / handbag - Diane von Furstenberg / bracelet - Swarovski / watch - Daniel Wellington 

It's still cold outside, so I still have to wear sweater for day outside. But I decided to wear jeans and found one really old jeans, I never really wore before, because I never really liked them. I decided to do something about it. What can be better than shorter jeans with a little higher boots?! So I cut away almost 20cm of my pants and VOILA! I made something I don't like, into something I will definetly wear more times than before.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

All this little things

  hat - Hats by BSR / sneakers, sweater & skirt - Zara / sunglasses - Spitfire / handbag - Givenchy

Here is my favorite hat for Fall/Winter, one of the best! I love it, because it is just perfect color, model is gorgeous and it's made our of rabbit fur. I think I will buy at least one more for cold days. It makes an usual outfit much more special and classy. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


  shoes - Zara / dress - Sheinside / poncho - Asos / hat - World of hats by BSR / handbag - Givenchy / watch - Daniel Wellington

Somehow I adore we have a little worse weather, so I can wear some new pieces for this Fall. I finally found poncho I like and I had to try it on. I think this will be one of many, many pieces I will wear all Fall. Did you already bought you favorite pieces for this Fall?!
Have a beautiful days guys!! Love,