Monday, 23 March 2015

Ripped off

shoes - Zara / jeans - Mango / shirt - H&M / top - Zara / watch - Daniel Wellington / bracelet - Cango&Rinaldi / hat - Attitude by BSR / gold ring - Swarovski / silver rings - Morellato

Finally!! It will be soon perfect to wear my ripped jeans. I adore theme, because this jeans are just so unusual and beautiful. Casual look? Yeah this is really my thing. I try to make it work everyday, because it is so me and at the same time I like to run around the city without any problem. Add one of the hats for a little elegance and it is done. This outfit really combines almost all of my favorite pieces in my closet. Have a beautiful day and be nice to each other.


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Flowers & neoprene material

skirt - Zara / handbag - Diane von Furstenberg / sunglasses - Giorgio Armani / sneakers - Adidas / watch - Daniel Wellington / top - H&M

  I fell in love with new collection of Adidas! Flower on neoprene material!? Just love it! I can wear it with with sport wear, elegant, classy,.. Everything! I love to wear cute, elegant things with sport shoes. Have a beautiful Sunday guys!!


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Saturday, 14th March 2015

 shoes - Eram / leather pants - Zara / sweater - H&M / jacket - Zara / hat - Attitude by BSR / 
watch - Daniel Wellington / bracelet - Cango&Rinaldi

Here it is one of my favorite outfits I wore. I like to combine orange with green, but I has to be the right shade. I really feel again like myself lately and it feels so good. I loved taking photos yesterday for today's post. Hope you got some ideas what to wear, combine,.. But still the thing I like the most are hair accessories!! Hats, turbans,.. Everything! I think that hats and turbans make a usual outfit look so much better, because they give a touch of elegance and make it more personal. People actually started to recognize me just, because of hats and turbans. But no matter if I am the only one to wear them I will wear them everyday if I feel like it and no matter what people say or think. You have to be you to become more comfortable in your own skin, because you can never be comfortable in thing you don't like.


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Red lipstick with red hat

boots - Bata / jeans - Zara / shirt - H&M / hat - attitude by BSR / watch - Daniel Wellington / wallet - Michael Kors 

  Hello everyone! I am officialy back to my country! Beautiful Slovenia. I took some time off from everything, because I was ill for 2 weeks and then I started to move everything to Slovenia so it was a lot to do. So now I am back! I will try to update new post everyday if it is possible. I am so in love with this curls that my best friend try on me! It is just amazing! A little change.. I feel so much better in my own skin this last few days. What about red lipstick and red hat? I just love it, because is classy, but still me. Have a beautiful, happy day!!