Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hello weekend

Photography: The Blonde Bliss

Sweater - Boohoo
Shirt - H&M
Sunglasses - Marni
Hat - Hats by BSR
Loafers - Massimo Dutti
Handbag - Givenchy

Hello my followers!

I was walking around this little city and found so many beautiful, old places for photo shooting. I just love old buildings that are showing all the history of the city. Today I decided to take a picture of this beautiful building with old fashioned doors. It goes perfectly with my look. Wearing sweater this way is so stylish and I really adore it. Casual look with some special pieces. 

Have a beautiful weekend!

Love, Sara

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

SheIn wishlist

Have you ever shop on this website? I just love it, because the prices are really low and the quality is good. I found myself so many pieces I want on their site that I order things every second month. I hope you like few of the things on my wishlist. You can find so many different styles that I am sure you are going to find at least a few things. Now a lot of them are on sale or have a discount!!
Here you can find their official site.

Have a nice shopping guys!!

Love, Sara

Monday, 26 October 2015

Accessorizing with sweater?!

Photography: The Blonde Bliss

handbag - Givenchy
sweater - Zara
shirt - H&M
hat - Hats by BSR
furry pendants for handbag - Furry shop

Have you ever wonder how to wear a lot of pieces just in case if it's get cold outside and not wear it in your hands, but still looking good?! I was thinking a lot how to wear it and I decided to wear it as accessories. You can use it in so many way, but you can put it on in every possible way you put on a scarf. Hope I helped you a little bit with the ideas and accessorizing your clothes. This will be one of my favorite sweater trends for this fall/winter time.

Have an amazing day guys!!

Love, Sara 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Saturday, 23th October

Photography: The Blonde Bliss

Handbag - Carven
Vest - Mura, vintage
Dress - Stradivarius
Shoes - Zara 
Sunglasses - Spitfire
Furry pendands for handbag - Furry shop on my blog

Hello everyone!

I decided to take photos at one of the gates in Lugano, because I am going crazy about all this beautiful, old places that I fell in love with. I just adore this city, because it's so old-fashioned and everything has so much history. City is really big, old-fashioned, with beautiful architecture and has a lot of high fashion brands! What is there not to love!? Soon I will post all the photos of the city, but first I want to take photos of all the places that are fascinating me. I am still discovering city and I am more and more in love with it!

Have a beautiful, sunny weekend!!

Love, Sara

New beginnings are always..

Photography: The Blonde Bliss

shoes - Bata / dress - Stradivarius / jacket - Mango / handbag - Carven / furry pendants - Furry shop on my blog / hat - Hats by BSR / sunglasses - Spitfire 

Hello my lovely followers!

Here is my last post I made before I left Slovenia. Soon I will post new outfit from this beautiful city and also special photos of the city. I really love it and it's so beautiful and peaceful! I adore the nature, architecture and peacefulness of the city. It's next to the lake and I adore the old style of the city buildings. My first reaction when I saw the city was: "Oh my god! We will make a perfect pictures for the blog!" 

Love from Switzerland!