Friday, 28 November 2014

Beautiful memories

I can not say how happy I am every single day! I study for 7 to 8 hours a day and if is really difficulte, because everything is in French. It is hard, but very good way to learn french. Oh right.. I almost forgot to tell you guys why I am so happy?! Today is exactly 1 month from the day I will return back to my country! I never, but really never, though that I will ever say that I miss my country and everything connected with it. But now I am so happy that I will soon see my loved one and spend some time eith them. Especially my boyfriend that come to France before christmas! I have so say that relationship like this are really, really hard. But I always wanted to be able to speak french and now more or lease I am! Wuhuu.. So if anyone of you have never been in Slovenia, I have to tell you that you are missing a lot. We live is such a small place, but we have basicly everything! From See to mountains, caves, vinjards,.. I remember one song we have read in school when I was little. That good have this beautiful small place that conteins everything and it is called Slovenia. I know it might sound a little stupid and to poetic, but it is true. I love our nature and how is everything we have so full of history. So I think we, slovenian people, should be so proude that we are slovenia, because we are only 2 millions that are part of this beautiful little country. So now you all see how much I miss it all, because I actually think about all this things that before I left I did not even care about. So see you soon Slovenia!!

See you soon guys and have a beautiful day!

top - Zara / shirt - H&M / faux leather pants - Zara / shoes - Massimo Dutti / watch - Daniel Wellington

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Different patterns and styles

I have to tell you that I am so occupied that I do not even know if I have time to breath. This two weeks that are coming will be the most stressed weeks in this year. I have to study so much, but at the same time I have to translate every single text by myself. Plus I have trainings, classes, exams on regular bases,.. I really try to find my time for new posts, but it is really hard. So I hope you won't be mad at me, because of my reducement of posts. I will make up before christmas and after I return for few weeks back to my beautiful country, Slovenia. Stay tuned, love you guys!

skirt - Zara / sneaker - Nike / jacket - Zara / shirt - H&M / top - Zara / watch - Daniel Wellington / red bracelet - Cango&Rinaldi

Monday, 24 November 2014

Faux fur collar

Finally I have found perfect faux fur collar! I have been searching for something that I could wear with sweatshirts and coat that are more opened. This one I found in Promod. I was really happy, because this winter is (faux) fur the most wanted piece of weardrobe. It goes all from coat, collar, scarves and all things that you can put on your heat. It think that one of this things just make outfit a little bit more desirable and fashionable. I fell in love with few pieces and now I am waiting them to arrive. I suggest that you go for it, because you simply can not go wrong with it! More about other must have pieces of this season in my upcoming posts.

Končno sem našla popoln "ovratnik" is uetnega krzna. Iskala sem nekaj kar bi lahko nosila z majckami in plasci, ki so malo prevec odprti. Tega sem našla, kot zadnjega v Promodu. Res sem se razveselila, ker to zimo je krzno res najbolj in kos! Od plaščev, ovratnikov, šalov in pokrival. Ne rečem, da nosite pravo krzno, ker ga same ne nosim. Plus da vsak outfit dobi neko dodano vrednost z malo umetnega krzna, sploh če je to ovratnik! Jaz sem se zaljubila v kar nekaj kosov in čakam, da jih prejmem po pošti. Mislim da bodo prispeli kar kmalu!! Vi pa si le drznite in bodite samozavestni! Več o najbolj IN modnih kosih v naslednjih objavah.

See you, have a beautiful day!!!

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Layers for cold weather

Hello everyone! I have so much work to do today and this week that is coming that I do not even know if one day have enough hours. But either way, we went to the center of the city to see this beautiful christmas decoration. It is just amazing and so beautiful. I love this time of the year, because I remembers me to be thankful for everything I got and also, because I will be with my loved ones. This christmas I will be with my boyfriend here in France and few days after I am going back to my country to spend new years eve there. I miss them all so much and can not wait to see everyone! So you can imagine that I am counting down every single day when I will see my loved ones.
Hope you are all enjoying this last day in the week, love you guys!!

dress - Zara / handbag - Michael Kors / sweater - Zara / hat - attitudebyBSR /
necklace - Luceat / vest - Zara

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hats are always good idea

I do not even remember when was the last time I wore a hat. I do not even know why I stopped wearing them, because I am really a huge fan of everything that we can put on our hat. At the moment I am waiting for two hats, that I ordered in october, but then the package get lost in France. And now I am waiting for new package. I am sure that you will love it, because the are unique. So I hope I will be able to post some post with them on my blog in December.

Sploh se ne spomnim kdaj sem nazadnje dala nase klobuk. Res ne vem zakaj sem nehala nositi klobuke, ker sem velik oboževalec vsega kar se lahko da na glavo. Trenutno čakam dva klobuka, ki sem jih naročila že oktobra, ampak sta se izgubila nekje v Franciji in zdaj čakam na novo pošiljko. Prepričana sem da vam bosta všeč, ker sta res unikatna. Tako, da upam, da bom decembra že objavila nekaj novih objav z tema klobukoma. 

Love you guys so much and thank you for reading! 

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