Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I'm amazed by you


I love this shorts!!! I don't know why but they are so comfy and beautiful. I love to combinate white and black with some shoes with crazy color. I bought this shoes in Zara and I have to say that this are the most comfortable shoes ever! Today I wanted to wear something comfortable and feminine at the same time.

I have been looking some street styles on web and find something interesting that is popular this summer. The way how to wear shirt with skirt or shorts. I will wear something like this tomorrow, so you will know what I am talking about. I really love this idea and I think it look young, fresh and something old fashion that is popular again. I have been wearing shirt like this when I was 10 years old, because then was this tipe of tying the shirt 'IN'. So now is back and you can get creative with it.










shorts, handbag - Zara

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  1. Love the shorts!