Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Hello guys! I am so in love with this hats that I wear them all the time. Because we have this crazy weather where it is raining just a little bit all the time! So hat is just perfect to protect my hear. All this amazing hand made hats you can get on my friends website. She is amazing and her hats are just the most desirable thing in the world. You chose two colorful, because I love colors, but she has so many different hats that at the end you will not choose only one I am sure of that. So have a beautiful day and remember: Christmas is coming!! 


shoes - Eram / pants - Zara (old collection) / hat - attitudebyBSR / coat - Zara

Get this look for $127+ on Lookastic: Orange Wool Hat, Navy V-neck Sweater, Black Coat, Red Geometric Pajama Pants, and Black Leather Lace-up Ankle Boots