Thursday, 1 January 2015

First day of 2015

sweater - Revolver Heart / skirt - Zara / shoes - Eram / rings - Swarovski, Morellato

Happy new year!!! I hope you all have had a great night and beautiful morning. I have spend my night with friends at one hill near my city and watched all fireworks in the city. It was so beautiful!! What is a better way to start a first day in this year than in on of my favorite Slovenian brands. Revolver Heart! I got it as a gift for christmas, because my parents know how much I love unique and amazing slovenia things. I am much more proud that I am Slovenian that I was before moving to France. I adore our brands, country, nature, food,.. You just have to love it! I am sure that everybody that has already visited Slovenia know how great it is. So.. Guys I wish you all the happiness in the world, peace, health, love, laughter, uniqueness, smiles and everything you want to have. This year will be amazing, I am sure! Begin your first day as your last and regret nothing, NEVER! Follow your heart and love with all your heart. Nothing is more beautiful than real love towards your partner, friends, parents,.. Thanks you for reading and I love you all so much for supporting me!!


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