Tuesday, 3 September 2013

7 things I love

Pencil skirt

I love pencil skirt. I have only one in my closet but I look for very colorful skirt (statement skirt). It goes very good with short top or sweater and high heels. Most people think that pencil skirt is to elegant and classic and that you can't wear it as a casual skirt.

Wild shoes

I love wild shoes!! For me the only thing that look good with wild pattern are shoes. I love classic outfit with wild shoes. Blazer, T-shirt, elegant pants or jeans and WILD shoes this is my favorit combinaton.

Simple T-shirt (most likely in grey)

What do you think about the woman you see out there in skinny jeans, ponytail, sunglasses, pumps and simple T-shirt??? I have to say it is simple and clasy, but at the same time it look amazing and sexy!

Short tops

I love long sleeved, short sleeved,... Any tipe of short tops as long as they are combinated with high waisted skirt, jeans or shorts.

Boyfriend jeans

I read an article about boyfriend jeans where everybody think that this jeans are only for woman with long legs. I do not agree, because I this it can look good on every woman. You just have to make it work with you style. So own it!!

Statement sunglasses

At the moment I am looking for this statement sunglasses that I could combinate with my style. I love Victoria Becham sunglasses, Miu Miu, Prada,...

All kinds of vests

In my closet I have white long elegant vest, black fur vest and army vest. I love to combinate any of them with my style. It depends on my mood that day. And what do you think about this combinations???

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