Monday, 26 October 2015

Accessorizing with sweater?!

Photography: The Blonde Bliss

handbag - Givenchy
sweater - Zara
shirt - H&M
hat - Hats by BSR
furry pendants for handbag - Furry shop

Have you ever wonder how to wear a lot of pieces just in case if it's get cold outside and not wear it in your hands, but still looking good?! I was thinking a lot how to wear it and I decided to wear it as accessories. You can use it in so many way, but you can put it on in every possible way you put on a scarf. Hope I helped you a little bit with the ideas and accessorizing your clothes. This will be one of my favorite sweater trends for this fall/winter time.

Have an amazing day guys!!

Love, Sara 

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