Friday, 29 August 2014

New beginning, new Cango&Rinaldi key ring

New start, new apartment, new city, new culture, new language ... All new! As much as all this inspire and delight me, at the same time creates fear and uncertainty. However, this is a new beginning. I wish to get to know the heart of France and its culture, people and of course french street style. French women have that "Je ne sais quoi"! I think I will get to know me and my style more in details than ever.
Along with my new start is also my new apartment. And as you may notice I'm a fan of Cango & Rinaldi brand. I have currently added to my divine red leather bracelet their key ring. Key rings are made ​​of leather and Swarovski crystals. I have a key ring in gold color. More of them can be found on this website. Soon I'll have my own Cango&Rinaldi giveaway, where I will give 
1. Key ring on your choose
2. Voucher for 50€ to use it on their website
3. Voucher for 25€ to use it on their website
Cango & Rinaldi was founded in 1979, the brand is well-known in Italy, the United States, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.  Italy, produced handmade ladies shoes, bags and belts in addition to the symbol on jewelry, as well as cell phone cases and bags.
High-quality leather is a popular material products, but the common material in the form of concrete products give additional Swarovski crystals. They have been used for several products finishing procedures. Glittering keyrings are reportedly popular, because they are easy to find on the basis of a handbag. 
Cango&Rinaldi website.



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