Saturday, 15 November 2014

Camel coat

It was time to put on some elegant pieces of clothing. I never change my style, but always try to bring different pieces into my style. It is important that you know how to pull off every single piece of clothing and make it yours. Sometimes I really like some pieces, but I do not buy them, because they are not representing me. But I find them amazing on other people, who has a different style. It is just amazing to see how creative creatures we are and that we really do not have any limitations. I love to read different blogs, magazine,.. It is just amazing what can our mind do!! So do not copy other people but be what you want to be and what you are meant to be. It is always better to bi different then a copy. Even though people will stare at you and talk about you, you have to believe in yourself. Because believe me, if you won't then who will?! I think we are all beautiful in our unique way and what one person consider attractive, other won't. But that makes it even more beautiful. Because that means that there is always at least one person that will like you for you. So always be yourself and always trust your instinct, because it is never wrong. Even if it seems wronge at the moment, will turn out as something good. You can count on that!

Have a beutiful weekend and spend it with your loved ones! Love you guys!

boots - Eram / coat - H&M / shorts - Zara / shirt - H&M / handbag - Diane von Furstenberg

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  1. Uau, tale je pa čist hud outfit!

    Všeč mi je barvna kombinacija : rjava, bela in leather črna. In res zanimivo pride plačš na kratke hlače.

    TOP! :)

    1. Hvala!! Ja sem sprobala, da vidim kako izgleda in je dejansko kar kul prišlo vse skupaj. 😃 Drugač pa hvala sem vedno vesela tvojih komentarjev in kritik 😘