Friday, 28 November 2014

Beautiful memories

I can not say how happy I am every single day! I study for 7 to 8 hours a day and if is really difficulte, because everything is in French. It is hard, but very good way to learn french. Oh right.. I almost forgot to tell you guys why I am so happy?! Today is exactly 1 month from the day I will return back to my country! I never, but really never, though that I will ever say that I miss my country and everything connected with it. But now I am so happy that I will soon see my loved one and spend some time eith them. Especially my boyfriend that come to France before christmas! I have so say that relationship like this are really, really hard. But I always wanted to be able to speak french and now more or lease I am! Wuhuu.. So if anyone of you have never been in Slovenia, I have to tell you that you are missing a lot. We live is such a small place, but we have basicly everything! From See to mountains, caves, vinjards,.. I remember one song we have read in school when I was little. That good have this beautiful small place that conteins everything and it is called Slovenia. I know it might sound a little stupid and to poetic, but it is true. I love our nature and how is everything we have so full of history. So I think we, slovenian people, should be so proude that we are slovenia, because we are only 2 millions that are part of this beautiful little country. So now you all see how much I miss it all, because I actually think about all this things that before I left I did not even care about. So see you soon Slovenia!!

See you soon guys and have a beautiful day!

top - Zara / shirt - H&M / faux leather pants - Zara / shoes - Massimo Dutti / watch - Daniel Wellington


  1. Jaar kok hud outfit! <3

    Pa šminkica ti zelo, zelo paše!

    1. Hvala draga!! Ja je ful lepa sem nism bla prepričana, da je zame. Je fajn slišat, da mi pase :))*